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10 January 2029 @ 06:00 pm
28 February 2015 @ 02:07 pm
All these photos were publicly available on the internet. Enjoy!

Here's a glimpse at the real Kelly.



l_af79f6707724471e95977819435eefbc.jpg (Brenda at Kelly's apartment)

k3.jpg Shelby and Ashley (13 years old, thats her mom in the picture above smoking a joint in front of her baby)

kandl3.jpg Kelly, Leah, Ashley (15 years old), and Kelly's daughter 9 year old Sydney is the one in red, in the room as they pass a joint around













I have many, many more, but nobody needs to see the nude photos she was taking with her kid in the room. They aren't safe for human eyes.

21 July 2012 @ 07:50 pm
Hey livejournal land. How is everyone doing?
22 February 2010 @ 07:36 am
is there anyone who reads this that isn't on my facebook or myspace? (and wants to be?)


12 February 2010 @ 08:53 pm
4 hours later, I am the proud owner of a half-sleeve!!! :)
:feeling:: soresore
25 January 2010 @ 01:11 am
Unfortunately, Sundays are now tainted with awfulness, since that's when Kelly's court allowed phone calls can take place. On the upside, they are becoming shorter every week. The longest she's spoken to Shelby on the phone was 10 minutes the first week after court. Then she missed a week, even after being told that if she missed 2-3 phone calls, it would be up to us if we would allow her to call Shelby. I later found out through my sources that she missed that call because she was out with a guy. The following weeks were 7 minutes, 4 minutes, then she went ahead and let Shelby go today after THREE minutes. I had asked her to send Shelby a letter and maybe some photos since the last photos she has of her sister are like two years old, so I got on the phone and asked if AGAIN if she could send a letter, and she said she was getting stuff together and she'd send it, ummm, just like she said about sending her Christmas gift a month ago. I asked if she was satisfied with only a weekly a phone call, and she said no, so I asked why she wasn't doing anything about it, and she retorted with saying she wasn't satisfied with Shelby calling me mommy, and asked if I was going to do anything to stop that, I said no, and she hung up on me.

We went to a Kailua beach for awhile, which is so beautiful.

I'm super tired, so thats all for now.
23 December 2009 @ 11:55 am
This icon that I made forever ago features Brittany Murphy.....so sad. :(
15 December 2009 @ 02:03 pm

WE WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She can have supervised visits, she will have to pay child support, and she is allowed one phone call per week.

I didn't even get to testify, it was pretty much just the photos, personal ads sites (bangme.net; adultfriendfinder.com; webdate.com) where she was claiming to be bi-curious, the photographs from those sites, plus the photos I had found elsewhere (like her getting high with her friends, her getting high with her kids and one of them being in the room during, and those awful nude photos.

Just wanted to share!!!!

11 December 2009 @ 03:29 pm
Bruce and I leave Hawaii on Sunday to go to Texas to fight for custody of Shelby. She is STILL here from what was supposed to be summer visitation, that was only to last for one month (July).

The last time that Kelly talked to her was August 28. She did not call on thanksgiving, and my phone has not rang from her in over two months.

Kelly will NOT be going to court, she requested to appear by telephone, its not even worth it for her to try!

Shelby doesn't even talk about that side of her "family" anymore.

I will be bringing all the photos, everything I have. Lets see if the judge will care that she does drugs directly in front of her children! (see my former post here full of lovely photos of the mom of the year.)

Unfortunately, I am discovering new and heart-wrenching evidence as we get closer to the court date. Like, for instance, check out the lower right corner of this photo


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24 March 2009 @ 03:23 pm
I called to talk to Shelby (all of about 45 seconds, thanks you fucking bitch), I told Kelly that I sent Shelby's stuff (oh yeah, and upon closer inspection, saw that those clothes not only didn't fit her at the beginning of the summer, but even with the huge growth spurt she had here, STILL don't fit her. All Sydney's hand me downs.) There's no point in any of that being here, the only time she wears any outfit from Kelly's in when she would arrive, or whenever she was leaving our house to go back. Period. I didn't bring any of that crap with us.

I reminded her that I was going to be there on the 7th to get Shelby, and she's sticking to the whole idea of not letting me leave Missouri with her. WHATTHEFUCK?!!?!?! I dont WANT to stay in Missouri for a whole week, but that week was going to be the first time I have gotten to see my family in YEARS!!! All this because she doesn't want to come here to get her (HELLO-- NO "BOYFRIEND" TO PAY FOR IT THIS TIME)

Why don't I just go ahead and make another lovely picture post so y'all can share my anger! lol

Since I couldn't get the scanner to work with my computer (and cause its the only one plugged in and everything), its only two...a couple of the only pics I've seen of her since she left...
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:feeling:: angryangry
07 January 2009 @ 08:16 pm
I figured I would share the joy of Kelly with you all. These are pictures from the past 2 years. Definitely not safe for work, partial nudity, you've been warned!

a good shot of Sydney's metal crowns, a few months before Shelby had hers put on. Sydney had to start getting her teeth pulled at age 2, when she lost all her front top and bottom teeth. She's had to get at least 12 pulled due to being rotten, Kelly laughs at the fact that she doesn't cry, even admitting, "she should be used to it by now."

this is one of the the like 4 pictures she sent Bruce while he was deployed for 15 months to Iraq the first time. It's so heartbreaking to be a TWO YEAR OLD depressed. Thats how she was every time I saw her, just .. down, sad. Even at two years old she hated being stuck around Kelly!

Kelly on the computer as usual and Shelby sleeping...she never keeps clothes on the kids, no matter where or what season! When I first met her, she was letting the kids run around, Shelby in only a diaper, and Sydney only in panties, outside in the parking lot!

your guess is as good as mine as to where her kids are while she's fucking around with 40 or so guys a year! (EDITED TO ADD: you find the answer in the next photo)

check out the lower right hand corner. Yeah, thats a kids arm in the shot. She just takes the kids with her on her little sleepovers!

such a great example to two young girls! There are more, but they are much worse.

She would leave the kids sleeping in the apartment to go down to this apartment and party. The cops caught her once, she told them she had "gone next door to borrow a movie". Just failed to notice cops entering her home. CPS had multiple reports on her regarding her leaving them, her abuse and neglect, drug use in front of the kids, etc.....

having a great time, not a care in the world, not worried about her kids at all!

The guy on the right (Eric Touchton) used to sell drugs to her. He offed himself last year.

god, she looks so old and worn out and used up...

her and Leah Bennett at halloween, aren't they cool? She decided to skip the kids' costumes.

Shelby and Ashley Sackman, the 13 year old that Kelly would leave at home with her two kids, plus her 3 brothers and sisters. When she wasn't "babysitting",
she'd drink and get high with her mom (Brenda Moore, or Bree), Kelly, and Leah. (pictures of that are a little further down the page)

this is the guy that was going to "rent" kelly and a few of her fat friends (Leah Bennett & Angela Galiana) to meet him at a hotel, tie him up, and sit on him. Kelly was stoked, $300 for a few
hours of "work", she was just bummed that he didn't want to come to HER APARTMENT and do it.

Bree (Brenda Moore), Ashley's mom, with her baby, in Kelly's apartment getting high. She had that same shitty tree, still not even decorated. How pathetic.

Her friend Beckah Matthews, getting high and drinking, random paraphenlia.

Beckah again at Kismet Mullen's apartment

Kelly, Beckah and Kismet, same night, all obviously high.

typical Shelby while with Kelly, dirty, etc.

Sydney and Kelly Nye...Bruce's dad pointed out that she looks high, which would make sense, her teeth are more yellow than any adult smoker I know.

Kelly, December 2008, looks like she's lighting another joint

december 2008

Kelly Nye, Leah Bennett, and Sydney Nye, and Ashley Sackman on the bed behind them.

Kelly passing a joint, thats still Sydney sitting there, she's there the whole time.

Ashley's got it now

and yes, Sydney is still sitting there.

putting her shit back up

Sydney, my father in law pointed out that her eyes are dilated....I mean, if she doesn't see a problem with getting a 13 year old high, why not her 10 year old? It just might calm her down, and that means she could stop wasting her precious time taking Sydney to the doctor. Makes sense!

Sydney and their peice of shit, not even decorated Christmas tree. And Leah, she's always elegant and classy.

Sydney again, who hasn't gained a pound in the past 3 years

Isn't she wonderful?

***PART TWO***
I wanted to add this part to show what the judge got to see in court. I didn't repost the messages because I've deleted that shit off my computer by now, and we'd be here all day LOL


her and Geanna Johnson drinking...that girls kids almost got taken away by CPS too. This is where she was when the cops came in to find her kids sleeping all alone.

jasons bed

Remember those fuckin nasty pics from earlier? She tried to say BRUCE had taken them! Well, here's the dude in front of his bed. Nice try! The judge just kept shaking her head. (Jason Gomez)


more of the drugs and drinking...Yeah, she'd just drag the kids along! Such a nice environment for her two kids to be in!


Yeah, lets openly do drugs and post pics of it online, that'll be cool!


her adult friend finder profile



her bi profile on yahoo


her bi profile on webdate (n addition to the ones she trolls looking for dudes and claiming to be straight, she's got about 10 of those)


her bi profile on BANGME.net


and this is what she posts online for all the world to see. She's got many, many more personals up. Maybe if you spent a little more time being a mother and less worrying where your next dick-fix is coming from........

She attempted to say that she doesn't use them anymore, and that she "quit" being bi two years ago, however one of those shows she signed up in February 2009. (She was more concerned about that than the pics of her doing drugs!) Our attorney also questioned her about the messages she was sending, she kept saying she didn't remember them, or the guys that she was talking to, even though she had fucked them all. And all these guys would be around her kids. One or maybe two messages and she's inviting them over to hang out with her and her kids! Oh, but she "didn't recall" any of that either, didn't recall taking any of the other pictures, didn't remember getting high with all these people...made me think of the movie Half Baked "Marijuana affects the memory.." That must be what makes it so easy to forget her other daughter, Shelby exists!!!

Oh, but she doesn't drink, doesn't do drugs, doesn't fuck around (she even tells dudes that she's not easy LOL), she loves her kids, etc etc etc. Not so easy to believe that now, is it? She loves to say what an "excellent mother" she is! I guess that's why Shelby loves her so much. HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAA JUST KIDDING. No, I think that would be more like the reason her 5 year old wants nothing to do with her. Yep, excellent parent, indeed.

*if anyone wants to claim ownership of these photos, I will remove them immediately! drop me a line- pinkk.sugar @ gmail.com and I'll take them down.

30 September 2008 @ 04:26 pm

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23 September 2008 @ 08:07 pm
This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.
I woke up a few hours ago, now I have all this bullshit swirling around my head thinking of court and can't go back to sleep :(

[[edit]] ok, I had to get up and come downstairs for a little while, hopefully I'll start feeling tired enough to go back to sleep.

I'm extremely worried about court. Shelby hasn't wanted to talk to kelly or her sister for awhile now. I finally told her after the last time she said she didn't want to talk when kelly was trying to call. I do not like to lie, and of course she got all pissed off at me, saying I was getting in the middle of things. I realized earlier this morning that she didn't think I was getting in the middle of things when I was taking HER kids to Sea World (after she decided she didn't want Bruce to be Sydney's dad anymore), or when I sent Sydney back to her mom's with new clothes, new shoes, and souvenirs from Sea World & the zoo, or when I was taking Shelby to the doctor because she wouldn't do it herself, or paying for her medications afterward. I made some videos of Shelby and uploaded them, she never even bothered to watch them. I'd be dying right now if I hadn't gotten to see her for almost 4 months. She didn't even care. She wants to act all pissy, but truth is she's enjoying only having one kid around, and even that one gets pawned off on her mother all the fucking time. Actions do speak louder than words! And don't even get me started on Sydney. She's just as bad as Kelly with the "aww i miss you shelby" bullshit. Neither one of them listen to her on the phone. Shelby picked out a postcard that I wrote for her, sent it to Sydney...she's plenty capable of writing her a letter, but did she? Fuck no. Everytime kelly calls she tells shelby "your nana misses you", but has Nana bothered to fucking call her? Of course not.
She *does not* want to go back to living with kelly. Anytime I ask her if she wants to call her, she tells me no.
When I took her to the doctor, she ended up having to get SIX shots in one day, the ones she needed at age 4, and the ones kelly didnt bother to get her. Do you think she asked how she was doing after all that? Nope. On two different occasions when she has wanted to call, shelby wasnt feeling well. I told her this. Do you think she ever asked afterwards if she was feeling better, etc? NOPE.
so yeah, after I told her shelby didnt want to talk to her, that I've had to bribe her previously to get her to talk to her on the phone, she announced she was "re-nigging" on the agreement she made with us back in July to let her stay here until october/november when Bruce deploys. when she agreed to it, she told me she wants her to be able to spend as much time with him as possible. She loooooves saying shit she thinks makes her look better to other people. Like I said, actions speak way louder than words. Everytime something doesnt go her way, she finds something to threaten him with. EVERY. SINGLE. FUCKING. TIME.

I AM SO OVER THIS FUCKING CUNT! I cant wait till i dont have to worry about her anymore! This judge just HAS to see the truth. His parents are going to court with us this time, so she can't sit up there and think that its just because we don't like her. I could give a fuck what she does, but what she does do around Shelby is what I have a problem with. And I have a very big problem with the way she treats her. Her responses on the phone with Shelby are always "Oh, wow, really? oh cool oh wow" no matter what she says...she cuts her off when she does try to tell her stuff to change the subject back to her. Shell tell her that shes buying her all these toys and clothes and shit for when she gets back, as if that would want to make her go back to being treated like shit by everyone around her. Um, who goes and buys shoes for a 4 year old without them being there. She has grown so much in the past couple of months, and I'm certain thats because I feed her healthy food and dont load her up on sugar. I don't want anymore of her teeth rotting out. Sydney's baby teeth had rotted out of her mouth by the time she was 2 years old because shes too goddamn lazy to brush their teeth. Do you think she bothered to ask what size clothes shes wearing or anything? Nope. Not that it matters, all shes going to get is Sydney ratted out hand-me-downs. ALL her clothes at Kellys have holes, rips, stains, etc. The real reason I bought Sydney new clothes when we had her for that ONE weekend was because there was no way in hell I wanted to walk around and have people thinking she was my child and that I didn't care enough for her to have clean clothes.

whatthefuckever. I needed to rant about this bullshit for a minute so hopefully I can get some more sleep this morning.
:feeling:: anxiousanxious
10 September 2008 @ 10:20 pm
what other "social networking" sites are you on? I'm kinda bored with myspace...I've got facebook, bebo, & hi 5 right now.
:feeling:: boredbored
07 March 2008 @ 09:45 pm
today is bruce's birthday :) now he's old like me.

Sea World next weekend!!!

I'm pretty bummed right now.
21 January 2008 @ 06:43 pm
Are you on flickr? Reezle? Myspace? Facebook? etc...
leave me your links!!
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:i'm at:: copperas cove
11 January 2008 @ 11:13 pm
AGGGHHHH I'm super annoyed at the fact that everytime I have to see Kelly when we're picking Shelby up, it always leaves this black cloud over our weekend because I'm just reminded of all the shit she does.
the last two times we've picked shelby up, she wasnt wearing socks, despite it being 40 degrees last time and low 50s today. her feet were like ice when i took her shoes off here.
she sends clothes for shelby. the only time i put her in those clothes are when shes going home basically. but i go through her bag when she gets here to get out her pullups. the shirt she was wearing when she got here was full of stains. the first shirt in her bag had several rips!
yes, i said pullups. shelby will be 4 in may. shes nowhere near being potty trained. (shes been here less than 6 hours and had 3 accidents :/ - kelly only puts her in pullups when shes sleeping.
shelbys hair was dirty... i swear kelly looked like she hadnt had a shower in 2 weeks. her hair was way nasty. she never washes her face, and today she had makeup from yesterday smeared under her eyes.
shelby apparently wasnt around her grandmother today, since she didnt come over here REEKING of a cheap ass Eternity knockoff cologne cloud. That was nice. It wasnt cool to hold my breath while I was hugging Shelby. The stench was pinned down when we were at court. it was only me and kellys mom sitting in the like audience area, and it was horrrrid.
she never gives/lets shelby take a nap before she comes over here. thats the only time shes cried when shes left kelly. i wouldnt doubt it a bit if she keeps her awake on purpose, hoping she'll freak out when we get her and kelly gets to be all "oh look, she doesnt want to leave me".
and today, she got her boyfriend/fuck of the week to take them all to the spot where we meet. shelby has been calling me mommy today, but she called Bruce "Jason" (fuck of the week...they were together before, back before bruce left for iraq, and right after bruce left, sydney was calling him 'daddy'. It seems pretty apparent that she's having some problems understanding or identifying whats going on.

im so happy shes here. i really hate it when she has to leave. :/
08 December 2007 @ 04:22 pm
court sucked. our judge is a total cunt to me, totally because of how I look. yeah, I'm used to it by now, but I'd expect better from a "judge".
we didnt get temporary custody, all because kelly lives with her mom now and her mom is apparently keeping her in line (no dudes over, no drugs, no partying, no drinking). Its sad when you are 28 and your mother has to discipline you. Her mother outright lied on the stand.
The judge ordered her to let us have visitation, we're supposed to be getting her next weekend and for christmas.
When we go back to court for the actual hearing, that's when we'll be laying all our cards on the table, and things should turn out differently.